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The Season I Like The Most


My Favorite Season


The Rainy Season


I like the rainy season the best. It falls in the Indian month of shrawana. It is for Indians what spring is for the English. It is sung of by every poet. It is the theme of many love songs.

It is the season of love and joy. It is the season of mangoes and many festivals. Groups of young girls enjoy themselves in the swings. The rainy season begins early in July and lasts for about three months. The dark clouds bring great relief from the burning sun. The earth becomes green, fresh and lovely. The trees are washed clean. The sky becomes blue. Coll breezes blow and the vegetable plants fast the streams overflow and the koels sing merrily. 


A rainy day means a fine day for schools and colleges. A rainy day is an ideal day for picnics and outings.