Parents not being able to spend ample time with their children

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Parents not being able to give ample time to their children is a serious problem. Personally, I feel steps should be taken to curb this problem. In this essay, I will discuss this problem & the solution in detail.

 There are a number of causes to this problem.

Firstly, life has become more busy and complex than ever. To stay ahead in the competitive world, parents need to devote more time towards their profession.

Moreover, to maintain a particular social status and a living standard, a continuous source of income is required, which can cushion the effect of inflation on the household budget.

Lastly, the increasing trend of nuclear families means grand parents not being available to look after the children. It has many adverse effects.

First of all, children do not get ample care and affection. Children are left on their own or in the company of peers.

Furthermore, this may adversely affect their performance at school. Last but not the least. children may fall in bad company and may fall prey to social evils.

However, a solution to this problem is possible. Parents should understand that their children are the best investment for their future. Parents should keep a balance between professional and personal lives and spend quality time with their children.

Next, a caregiver can be hired to look after the children. Last of all, grandparents can also help in looking after the children. 

In a nutshell, I would like to say that this problem can be solved very easily and parents can work towards spending quality time with their children to create better citizens for tomorrow.