Email to friend accepting invitation for Holiday Camp

Write a letter to your friend accepting his invitation  for a Holiday Camp which you would like  to join.                                                                                                 (Reply to the above letter)

1074, Ashok Marg, Kangra, May 15, 20..

My dear ……,

Your letter has infused a renewed joy in my body and soul.  The strenuous duties of office have virtually brought about deterioration of my health.  I was thinking of a change.  I feel it is a God-sent opportunity which must be utilized.

Nainital is a wonderful place.  The sky-scraping mountains, the beautiful landscape, the glorious lake-studded mountainous terrain and the beautiful birds, animals, flora and fauna transport me into the realm of fantasy.  I wonder how God is helping me to realize a long-standing wish of mine in company with you.

I express gratitude to you for this invitation which I readily accept.  Please intimate the precise programme soon.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,