Email to Father on a journey giving him news about the family

Write a letter to your father who is always on a journey giving him all the required news about the family.

131, Subhash Nagar,

New Delhi.

May 15,20..

My dear father,

It is a fortnight since you left Delhi.   Your  letter was received from Calcutta where you are staying for the time being.  I am writing to you at your Calcutta Address.  Well, you will be glad to learn that Roopa’s result  is out and she has got a scholarship in B.A. Examination.  She stands third in the Delhi University. I think, it is a big news to you.

We are thinking of arranging a party after your return from journey.  A room of our house needs  repair.  We have arranged Rs.5000/- for the same. The work is going to start from Sunday.  I hope it will take 10 days minimum.

Mummy had a slight feverishness but now she is quite O.K.   Pappa you must be enjoying well at Calcutta which is a metropolitan city of our country.  Pappa we also want to visit Calcutta.  Shall we ever have such a chance?

When are to coming home. Please do return soon, as Roopa is very sad in your absence.

Waiting to hear from you,

Yours affectionately, or

Affectionately yours,