Email to father asking for an increase in monthly allowances

Write a letter to your father asking for an increase in your monthly allowances on account of high cost of living.

                                                                                            172, Gobind Vihar,


May 15,20..

My dear father,

It is about a month since I heard from you.  I have been keenly waiting for your letter.   Manisha has joined college and I too have sought admission in M.B.A. Pappa I have been receiving one thousand  rupees per month to cope up with my day-to-day expenses.  I know that if I demand more money that is likely to strain your resources.  But it is very difficult to arrange all expenses in five hundred due to hike in everything.

Furthermore, the hostel expenses have increased considerably.  Only a little amount is left after paying my fees and the hostel charges.  Some new books are also to be purchased and stationery rates are also on hike. I, therefore, request your goodself to please increase the monthly allowance to Rs. 2000/- instead of Rs. 1000/- which is not sufficient for my maintenance.

I hope you are quite well.

Please pay my compliments to mother also.

Waiting to hear from you,

Yours affectionately, or

Affectionately yours,