Dowry: A Social Evil | English Knowledge

  Social Evils

What is dowry ? At the time of marriage, parents give some clothing, jewelry and accessories to their daughter. In ancient times, it was a customary blessing. It was easy to settle new couple households in those times.


But over time it became customary ritual . Today, no matter how poor a family may be, it has to raise the dowry for a daughter . Many people find the customary sari -utensil dowry is not enough. The grooms now a days ask for too much of dowry, causing financial woes for the girl’s family. 


Today, girls are considered a burden . Many girls and their parents have committed suicide after being harassed for dowry. Many people ask a lot in dowry which the girl’s family if unable to fulfill. Many a times, if groom ‘s demands are not, the grooms family refuses to marry. Because of this, a lot of families are unable to find a suitable match for their daughters.


Today in our country many laws and women cells have been created to prevent the practice of dowry. But the dowry practice still continues . Stopping the practice of dowry is very important because this practice has ruined the lives of many girls .