Class 8 Paragraph Writing Practice Topics

Comprehension/Paragraph Writing Practice Topics for Standard 8

Answer the following questions in about 120 words. [5 x 2 = 10 marks]

a) You want to join a prestigious coaching institute to prepare for your PMT exams. Your family
does not have the required funds to meet the expenses. What choices would you have made in
such a situation? Construct a plan to find a solution to your problem.
b) What changes would you make to solve the problem of corruption and lack of accountability on
the part of bureaucrats in our country, if given a chance?

You are Nitin / Nitisha. Write an article on Man’s Influence on Nature in about 120 words.
[6 marks]

You are Leena / Nitish. Write a debate in 100 to 120 words in favour of the topic Home Work is
a Waste of Time. [5 marks]

On the basis of the value points given below, write a biographical sketch in about 80 words.
[4 marks]

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