Baisakhi Fair

  Hindi Knowledge


Village fairs are common in Punjab. These fairs are related to our culture & customs. The Baisakhi Fair is held every year to celebrate the crop harvest. 

Last year I went to see the Baisakhi fair with my friends, We got up early in the morning and got ready for the fair. Our way lay through the fields. They were full of rite crops. As far as the eye could see there was but yellow grain. In near about twenty minutes we reached the fair ground.


Stalls had been set uo there. The stall owners sold eatables of different varieties. Children were crowding the stalls selling toys. On one side, there were merry go rounds and on other side jugglers were showing their show.


Some people were dancing with the music of dhol. Sone yount men were taking part in the kite flying competition. There were shops for sweets & eatables. In the evening we came back home and were dead tired.