Pollution Essay

Pollution in the world is increasing day by day. Today we are living in an age of pollution. The whole surroundings are polluted. The various types of pollution, for example air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution etc.



The most dangerous pollution is the environmental pollution. Increasing number of automobiles and vehicles increases the aor pollution. Industries and factories also throw harmful chemical and smokes in the atmosphere. Industrial wastes are often thrown in to the near by lands or rivers. 


These wastes are poisonous and even kill many water animals. The wise spread use of insecticides and nitrogen fertilizers have contaminated food and surface water. The increasing use of synthetic detergent has contaminated the water supplies.


Loud speakers and the unnecessary use of horns in the vehicles causes noise pollution resulting in hearing loss and cardio vascular disease. Thus this pollution has endangered the life of all living things including mankind.

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